March 7, 2022


Thinking about the Rethink Church word today of “pray” - I started thinking about how it seems like, in recent years, we have managed to politicize and cheapen it. But then, when you look at this passage, maybe we are reminded that the temptation to abuse prayer for personal gain has always been there. 

There certainly is a place for corporate prayer, but it needs to be rooted in a place of deep humility and open to inner transformation and outward action. 

My tradition teaches that prayer without action is just noise. Not a one of the faith communities in this country believes that prayer is magic – some sort of incantation that will reverse the order of the universe, let alone manipulate an omnipotent God. Prayer works only if it softens the hardened heart and opens it to the message of healing and justice that flows through Scripture. Prayer works only if it leads to contrition and repentance. Prayer works only if it is not an excuse for self-justification.