March 2, 2022


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I don’t know how long I’ll stick with it, but I think I’m going to try the Rethink Church Lent photo-a-day thing again (

My first thoughts on the word “full” were all about excess. How we live in a society where “full” is the expectation, where even the smallest pangs of hunger between meals bring exclamations of, “I’m starving!” 

Reflecting a little more on it, while expectations of excess are a problem, I think “full” is more about understanding and appreciating limits. Thinking specifically about the Covenant Prayer, I think we are invited to recognize there are seasons of want and seasons of abundance and both have their place in our lives.

So often in Lent the focus seems to be about fasting and abstinence, about trying going to the empty places to seek God out; but what if this season instead is about embracing the full range of experience - fullness and emptiness, joy and sorrow, blessing and brokenness.