November 4, 2014

Minds are rarely changed in 140 character bursts...

Of interest from the last couple months...

How to clean your gadgets without ruining them.

Donald Miller: I'm Glad I'm Not the Same Guy Who Wrote Blue Like Jazz.

A link that will make my wife's head explode: A Definitive Ranking of Every Character on the West Wing.

Seth Godin: Without a Keyboard.
"The public square is more public than ever, but minds are rarely changed in 140 character bursts and by selfies."
 GEGeek Tech Toolkit - I've played with similar USB app packages in the past, but this one looks particularly interesting.

That time I let my cloud storage get too full...

Why You're More Successful Than You Think.

Jamie, the Very Worst Missionary: #Blessed. I preached on Matthew 5 this past week in Ypsilanti and touched on this same theme that our very notion of blessing in warped, but Jamie lays it out in a much better way.

Kali LInux NetHunter. This past spring I was playing with some basic tools that turn tablets into hacking platforms as a way of understanding the potential security risks mobile devices can present. This takes that possibility to a whole new level.

Guy is setting up coffee dates with all 1088 of his Facebook friends. I love this idea.

A gun is more likely to be used against its owner than against a bad guy.

Diet Racism (via)

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  1. Thanks for the West Wing article - I of course, feel Josh should be much higher on the list, but still a good read!