May 29, 2013

"People were mean to you, but I always thought you were cool..."

Of interest from the past couple of weeks...

Fred Clark: Blade Runner, Terminator, Minority Report and the sabotage of the Postal Service.

WiseBread: 9 LinkedIn Changes Every Job Hunter Should Make.

The Atlantic: The War on Free School Breakfast.

Lifehacker: The Best Chrome Apps You Are (Probably) Not Using. I'm not a die-hard devotee of any particular web browser, but I do use chrome as my default - this is a pretty good list of tools you can use within your browser for doing things like editing audio, video and pictures; I haven't personally tried them (other than the basic google apps), but the seems like they are worth checking out.

Gizmodo: The International Space Station has Ditched Windows for Linux. Like with browsers, I try not to be an OS snob (my old Macbook is set up to triple book Mac OS 10.6, Windows 8 and Ubuntu), but I think it is pretty cool the ISS is switching to Linux. (I've wondered about trying to do a custom Linux build, specific that would provide churches and nonprofits with a basic, easy to use OS that would be more cost effective for the low end, older computers churches typically use).

Related: This made the rounds a couple weeks ago, but it still awesome - Chris Hadfield singing David Bowie's "Space Oddity" on the ISS:

More space-nerd stuff from Gizmodo: Barns Are Red Because of How Stars Explode.

Good: Bike Lanes Are Really Good for Local Businesses.

Jason Micheli: Clergy Robes and Anonymous Notes.

Jeremy Smith: UMReporter & Cokesbury - The Splintering of Methodism. Download High Quality Vintage Posters. I've touched on my thoughts around intellectual property and public domain before, but I love sites like this, which not only highlight, but make public domain works easily accessible. Take a look, especially if you are in need of some office decoration (or even wallpaper for your computer desktop):

Adam Ericksen: God, a Tornado and John Pieper's 'Satanic Theology'.

One of my favorite bands of the recent years, The Mountain Goats, are coming to Detroit on June 12.
"You Were Cool"

May 9, 2013

"I started out so starry eyed, full of hope and wonder..."

Links of interest from this past week...

Wil Wheaton: Being a nerd is not about what you love, but how you love it.

Anne Marie Miller: Are Forgiveness and Reconciliation the Same?

Seth Godin: The Critic Stumbles.

Good: How to Hack Energy Savings with a Simple Sign and a Revolving Door.

Jason Micheli: Don't Call Me Reverend.

Lifehacker: Build Your Own Hidden Lair with this Secret Bookshelf. What Trustee do I need to talk to to make this happen?

Fred Clark: The Sabotage of the Postal Service. This has bothered me for a while now, all the talk about the US Postal Service running deficits isn't only because of this accounting trick, that no other business has to observe.

The Atlantic Wire: The War on Free School Breakfast is Beyond Wrong.

Fast Company: If You Graduated After 1976, You are Getting Screwed by the Economy.

Rachel Held Evans: Why Progressive Christians Should Care About Abortion.

Joel Watts: The UMC Itinerant System is Evil. (No it's not, as Joel concludes, but it can be hard, and I appreciate the way he articulates this from the perspective of a lay person).

Music from Bob Mould - The Descent - off his most recent album,Silver Age: