Back at it...

The long-neglected round-up of interesting links is back again; hopefully I'll get back on track with a regular routine with this. Here is what I've found to be interesting over the past month or so...

Donald Miller: What Makes a Happy Life?

Jeremy Smith responds to some of the bad theology that surrounded the Sandy Hook shootings in "If God is invited in, all is well?"

Semi-related - Mike Todd - The Question of the Age. See also Don Miller's What is the Real Problem in the World?

Fred Clark: Hobby Lobby takes human biology to court; also be sure to read a follow-up from Fred on how Christianity Today wants to bring back the company town.

My friend, Rudy, offers his 2012 music round-up.

Jamie, the Very Worst Missionary - speaks to the experience of depression in Jesus or Zoloft?

Dan Dick continues to challenge the United Methodist Church - Time For A New Mission?

In just a few sentences Seth Godin writes a powerful (and personally convicting) meditation, The Cost of Neutral. Another powerful one from Godin that speaks to the church, and especially Annual Conference for United Methodists, When A Conference Works (And Doesn't).

Hugh MacLeod: The Web We Lost.

I know there's more but I think I'll call that good for now...

I found this song (and video) on NPR's All Songs Considered blog listing some of the most stylish videos of 2012 - the band is Explosions in the Sky and the song is called "Postcards from 1952":


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