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Domino Project/Seth Godin: Who Decides What Gets Sold in the Bookstore? - the challenge of electronic media consolidation. Also from Godin: Perfect and Impossible.

Jennifer Simonson: Lines from The Princess Bride that double as comments on freshman composition papers.

Bridget Nelson: My Inner Helicopter Parent.

Paste Magazine: 90 Best Albums of the 1990s. As always is the problem with these types of lists I could debate some of the rankings - The Sundays and Sugar should be ranked higher, and the various Wilco albums a little lower, plus I don't know enough about most of the the hip-hop albums to fairly critique them, but it is an interesting list to look over if you're from my generation where this music mattered. Also from Paste: 12 Michigan Acts You Should Listen to Now.

40 Ideas for Keeping Lent Holy.

Tim King: Don't Blame College for Young People Leaving the Church.

Dan Dick: Losers Focus on... Losing.

Fred Clark: Banks Behaving Badly.

Awesome geek-dad song from the band, The Board of Education, Why is Dad so Mad?

New music from Bruce out next week...

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