January 29, 2012

this week's round-up (january 29)

Fred Clark: Who Decides Who is a Minister? I still haven't figured out completely where I stand on the recent "Hosanna-Tabor Evangelical Lutheran Church and School vs. EEOC" decision. While I think it is good that the Supreme Court has made the decision not to interfere with the operation of religious organizations, I don't like how this opens the door for abuse - call someone a "minister" and suddenly you are free from many employment laws.

A.K.M. Adam: Mixed Blessings. Great reflection on the recent Apple release of iBooks tool and the opportunity to self-publish. Related: Lifehacker's introductory notes to the iBooks Author tool.

Jonathan Coulton on intellectual property and the Megaupload takedown from the perspective of an artist.

Somewhat related regarding the inherent problems of intellectual property and copyright laws, recreating the famous Abby Road picture might now violate UK copyright law. Can you copyright a concept?

Crowd-sourced scene-for-scene remake of Star Wars: A New Hope. I haven't watched the whole thing through, but this fascinates me. (Also gives me an idea of how to put the kids to work during the next clergy family camp).

New music from Craig Finn out last week, new music from Leonard Cohen out this week, and as much as I admire Craig's writing and wish I could write lyrics like him, Cohen is still the master in that intersection of poetry, storytelling and music.