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45 (years, not presidents)


43 - the playlist

Another trip around the sun, another playlist...

Round-up - October 2016

Of interest from the past few weeks...

5 Things You Need to Know About the Threat of Election Hacking

Fascinating story of a white nationalist who changed course.

Seth Godin: Anxiety Loves Company

On the urban vs rural political divide: "The rural folk with the Trump signs in their yards say their way of life is dying, and you smirk and say what they really mean is that blacks and gays are finally getting equal rights and they hate it. But I'm telling you, they say their way of life is dying because their way of life is dying." - a software download site without ads or embedded "crapware".
CloudFlare, SSL and unhealthy security absolutism. This is a dive into cybersecurity nerd land, but is really interesting.

Musicians may be the key to cybersecurity talent shortage.

Security Design - Stop Trying to Fix the User.

How to build your own Amazon Echo with a Raspberry Pi.

Terry Jones of 'Monty Python' diagnosed with dementia - more specifically primar…