August 24, 2016

Round-up - August 24

Back at it...

Seth Godin: Uninformed Dissent

How Garrison Keillor United America

The Adventures of "Donald and Hobbes" - as someone who loves Calvin and Hobbes, it pains me how well this works.

New music from Leonard Cohen on the way! While you are waiting, check out Malcolm Gladwell's Revisionist History podcast on Cohen's "Hallelujah" and how some works of art (and artists) take time to grow. (I'd actually recommend subscribing to Gladwell's full series of Revisionist History podcasts).

Making art makes you mentally healthier, even if you aren't good at it

Trump, Preachers and the Crying Baby Test

How American Politics Went Insane

The Red Cross and the Racist Pool Safety Poster

If the IRS asks, this theme park is a nursing home

A helpful guide to lesser-known religious affiliations

What Stephen King (the Iowa politician, not the author) doesn't understand about Harriet Tubman

Magician explains transgender bathrooms:

New music from Dinosaur Jr:

May 24, 2016

I've got family, I've got friends and I will love them to the end...

How long since I've last posted?!!

Links of interest over the past couple months:

Why Perfectionism and Burnout Go Hand in Hand

Garrison Keilor: Where two Corinthians gather:  "I love my neighbor as myself, but only because I don’t much care for myself."

Turns out, if you the Dire Straights' song "Walk of Life" serves as the perfect ending to basically every movie (via)
For example, The Truman Show:

The Lion King:

The Matrix:

and The Birds:

(probably should apologize for the fact that "Walk of Life" will be stuck in your head for the rest of the day, but it is such a good song, I really can't).

When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Fire (seriously have to try this with the kids this summer)

Top 10 Tech Security Basics - in general, a fairly decent summary. As noted social engineering is probably the biggest - in general don't click links in email asking to update account information. I tend to be of the camp that extra anti-virus and anti-malware software generally isn't necessary - assuming you are using a Windows machine, I recommend the built-in Windows Security software and generally don't go clicking links or downloading software you aren't 100% certain about. For a Password Manager, I recommend LastPass.

It's Time to Design for Aging (yes, I deliberately cut out the beginning of the original title "Just turned 40? It's time to design for again").  The point about the importance in fostering and maintaining community is what I find to be really interesting.

Love this idea: All of Star Wars is being told from R2D2's perspective.

Tony Hale on trying to be present.

The TSA fails at cyber-security.

Impostor Syndrome in InfoSec

Seth Godin: How to use a microphone - stop shouting, start whispering.

CV of Failures

2016: Smartphones are Destroying Our Culture. 1795: Books are Destroying Our Culture.

Having just binged on Seasons 2 and 3 or The Newsroom, I especially appreciated Jeff Daniels recent words on Trump.

5 Prayers Whispered by a First-Year Teacher as the School Year Comes to a Close

Why singing in the car makes you happier and healthier.

What I've been listening to (and singing along with in the car) recently:
Bob Mould - Voices in my Head:

Also love this song Mercy by Eric Bachmann, especially for the line:
"I've got family, I've friends,
And I will love them to the end,
Despite all the bit-sh**-crazy things they sometimes say."

January 22, 2016

Round-up for January 2016

Yeah, it's been a while...

Facebook quizzes are (still) a threat.

64-Year-Old Man and 7-Year-Old Boy Discuss the Meaning of Life:

This is what happens when you've traveled alone.

All stories are the same.

State of the Union Talking Points That Were Cut for Time.

Wheaton College and Creationism.

Doomed Stars Glisten Like Diamonds in Latest Hubble Photo.
Related: NASA has posted Apollo pictures - they are public domain, so feel free to make them into wallpaper images for your computers, etc.

Woodie Guthrie vs Trump's Dad.

Haven't listened to this yet, but I'm pretty sure I need to - Martin Sheen on Spirituality of Imagination, from "On Being".

David Bowie: Lazarus